1. Dear Brave and very talented Ms. Farahnaz Ispahani, Hello
    I read your articles published in media with immense interest. In fact these are the voice of many Silent people like me. Recently you showed concern over the kidnapping of women and children especially the Hindu women in the Sindh province. I wish you also had shown concern for the every day kidnappings of men folk for ransom in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. It is an every day happening in that province.

    I have a question for you as a member of the NA committee for Human Rights. Does any discrimination or favouritism in job environment or unfairness in promotions tantamounts to violation of Human Rights? If yes, how can one raise voice against such a treatment as in fact I am a pray of such unfairness or cruelty being an employee of Govt. Corporation.

    Your very learned, kind and Humane great father Abol Ispahani has been a true Pakistani whose services in the fields of social and political fields are very valuable. In fact our country desperately needs people like him today.

    Your web page is very useful and I hope it will continue to provide us with the food for thoughts in future. I love this page!!!

    Your decent picture on the facebook and the wall paper are just great and very attractive.
    Best kindest regards,

    Jamshed Rahman, Karachi

  2. Aoa Ms. Ispahani,
    Political grooming and training starts for the future Leadership from College Level – Unfortunately we are deprived of that – i humbly request that in your tenure please take the initiative for revival of this fundamental institute of that we have refined and a groomed Leadership for our future generations!
    To this date in Pakistan, probably not a single institute teaches our previous, current or for that matter future leadership as a case study – Like My Grandfather (Late) Allama Rasheed Turabi part of the freedom Movement with Raja sb. Mehmoodabad, then he came to Pakistan on the invitation of Quaid-e-Azam and his contribution for the religious unity and harmony in the country is remarkable, but since these things are not taught to the youth so can’t figure out that whether we really had the leaders or not – because not a single success story is taught. i have learnt about your Grandfather for the first time in my life!

  3. Madam ur efforts are no doubt very appreciable and v appreciate u and Mr Haqqani for his fruitful efforts for PPP n thus Pakistan.
    Plz note that FATA is a very vulnerable , backward n internationally focused area, in Pakistan, PPP is having fully presence in FATA, n further that PPP has contested election 2008 on all 12 consttuencies of FATA, out of which PPP wins 1, 3 runner up, n other close contesters.
    Now Madam u r assesting Co- Chairman n President ,on media n party issues , but plz do focus on PPP FATA, v r here to support u n work in FATA, for PPP n for people of FATA, plz want ur kind attention,
    also now PPP Govt is gooing to announce FATA package,which must be highlighted n media , n to cash this milestone , so plz ur media expertise n guidense is required,
    hope u will take my sugessions serious n will take action on priority basis,
    regards with best wishes
    (President PPP Youoh wing FATA)

  4. Jeay Bhutto

    Pakistan pplz party hamesha kamyab rahy q k es party ne bohat s qurbaniyan di hai
    kamran qabulio
    kotri hyderbad sindh

  5. Madam ji
    I read your article regarding the achievements of incumbent government. You have rightly described all the issues very rightly. But unfortunately, you must have encouraged the governance and institutional reforms in the country. Further, endemic corruption is eating Pakistan like a moth eats furniture. Lawlessness is another area where your government must have addressed on the priority basis.

  6. Dear Ms. Farahnaz Ispahani,

    Many thanks for your Article “Death by a thousand cuts” in the Hindu Web Edition of 11-03-2013 and would like to discuss the Article with you.

    Please let me have your E-Mail Address

    Many thanks in advance

    Sincerely – Naresh Kumar

  7. RE: Thwarting Religious Cleansing in Muslim World

    Hello Ms. Ispahani,
    Your above article, co-written with Ms. Nina, is a good opener but fails to bring to the forefront the real base of such a law. Foreign pressure to remove such a law is but a very faint hope. Unless the basic understanding, that all peoples are equal, is not cultivated within the culture of Islamic or Muslim countries, such a Law has little chance of being removed.


  8. Thanks for taking the time to read my message. I’m an Iranian Journalist.

    I’ve a request for conducting an interview with you about recent “diplomatic rift between Tehran and Riyadh and probable role that Islamabad might play.”

    So I need your Email or contact details to reach you out.

    All the Best

  9. ​Dear Madam Farahnaz Jee,

    This is a great honor for me to write to you regarding your marvelous book about the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan. I have not come across such a book like this one that gives a clear picture of the Islamization since Pakistan came into being. I am an Mphil student in Forman Christian college Lahore. I am writing my thesis on religious minorities in Pakistan. I would request you to please share the electronic version of your book if possible.. I look forward to hear from you.
    Best Regards,
    Naseer John

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