“Reviving Jinnah’s Legacy of Religious Freedom in Pakistan” Farahnaz Ispahani

In establishing a homeland for Muslims, Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammed Ali Jinnah, also supported the idea of Islam serving as a unifying force and believed Pakistanis had a responsibility to uphold the principles of religious freedom and to protect the rights of religious minorities.

As religious intolerance and violence against religious minorities grows, it is clear that Pakistan has failed to uphold Jinnah’s original vision. Whether it is attacks on the Ahmadi community as in the one last December, or on the Christian community as in the mob lynching last November of two Christians accused of blasphemy, or on the Shia community as in the bus attack in May in Karachi that killed over 40 – Pakistan must do a better job of protecting its religious minorities. Join us to hear Senator James Lankford, who has been an advocate for upholding religious freedom throughout the world, and a distinguished panel of experts as they address what can be done to revive Jinnah’s legacy of religious freedom in Pakistan.

Link to the speech of Ms Farahnaz Ispahni speech at “Reviving Jinnah’s Legacy of Religious Freedom in Pakistan”

Reviving Jinnah’s Legacy of Religious Freedom in Pakistan

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