Pak’s Slow Genocide Of Minorities; Good Jihadi-Bad Jihadi Game Must End- Farahnaz Ispahani Interview with Barkha Dutt

There has been a “slow genocide of the other” in Pakistan, says author Farahnaz Ispahani, explaining the decline of religious minorities in Pakistan to a mere 3 per cent. Speaking to NDTV on her book ‘Purifying the Land of the Pure’, Ms Ispahani says, “there has been a lack of standing up” and that after Ahmedis, extremists are now after the Shias. “There has to be an end to interference in foreign policy, interference in our textbooks, interference in our faith…Pakistan, if it has to survive, good jihadi-bad jihadi has to end,” she said.

Open the Link to  Ms Farahnaz Ispahani interview with Batkha Dutt on NDTV 

Ms Farahnaz Ispahani Author “Purifying the Land of the Pure”


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